What's the best superbike racing game for PS3?

Jun 25, 2013
I really like super bike racking games. I played an old Moto GP game way back when and loved it, but I see that the Moto GP series has been getting pretty bad reviews and I don't know if there are any alternatives. Does anyone know which is the best to buy?


Oct 2, 2009
The last one I played was SBK: generations which was ok but not great. All I strive for in a motorbike racing game is realism, like you got from tourist trophy and tt superbikes on ps2; the only problem was I was about 12 when those came out and just wanted a fun arcade game :lol:
I can't say there has been a realistic game on ps3 but the superbike games are far better than the moto gp games. The sbk games have all been developed by milestone I think, so the newest one has been improved upon for a while, whereas the gp license changes hands almost every year and it feels like every game is built from scratch and lacks a lot. But there's a new gp game coming in the next few months by milestone again so it may be worth giving it a whirl.