Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

May 29, 2005
I still have fond memories of PS3 Forums especially summer of 2005. There were all kinds of eye candy, bloat-free forums with tons of great discussions. I just recalled someone told me how talented I was at reviewing games (even though I only did one and I even think there was some section I didn't join on but I fail to recollect) and now compared to around 2006 my analytical skills are light years ahead of whatever I was putting down back then :D. I also reminisce on seeing dynamics change with the new members that were coming on during the stages I was active. I mainly think of users by their longstanding avatars and sometimes know the username after 17 years or so. Hunnter had a Brian Griffin one and liked Ubuntu, a fellow Canadian user by "Cody" had a hockey player and I just recently thought of a comment he made about that guy from Supersize Me who ate BigMacs every day that "he must have been using cannabis to keep that slim build for sure! I just know it." lol. The junk food eater just passed 100K in the news I heard :ROFLMAO:. Earliest memory aside from the PS3 spec talk threads that got deep in late May 2005 was PeanutButterMonkey (the main first mod, changed to PBM as admin and was still active as of 2020!) with that colourful Sora Kingdom Hearts gif avatar. 2000 posts before I joined!