Who doesn't like the new look of the PSN?


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Nov 18, 2007
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[QUOTE="Syphon_Filter, post: 6483887]I wanted today to pre-order DarkSiders 2 and it took me 30 minutes and couldn't find it. Last week it was at the pre-order games to pre-order. The funny thing is that at the pre-order section were it says coming soon, you will see games available to pre-order that either coming next year or doesn't have an official releasing due date. I'm done with Sony's shit and me and my friends we decided to move to PC and this is the last system we will have.[/QUOTE]

I just wanted to se what decent games were released lately and maybe buy one on the store but Pre orders take up the first half dozen pages if you arrange by "newest first" the things is they have the stuff that is released March 2017 at the top and the stuff that releases this weekend towards the bottom.
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Aug 21, 2008
I agree with the search function when they changed the HUD from the old store to the new one its needs to be fixed its a pain you cannot go from A to Z really fast like in reverse order opposed to going through BCD to get there.