Who's in charge of PSU.com's SEO?

Sep 17, 2005
Hey guys. Who's in charge of PSU.com's website design and SEO? I tried doing some basic Google searches for keywords like "PlayStation News," "PlayStation 4 Reviews," "PS4 News," "PS4 Reviews," etc...and PSU was either on something like page 5 of results or I couldn't find you listed at all.

What happened?

Back when I was a journalist and media manager for the website, PSU was #1 or #2 for most search results related to PlayStation. Granted, when Sony launched their official blog we dropped 1-2 spots, but we were always listed on the first page. You guys are missing out on a ton of organic web traffic (and thus ad revenue) by not having proper SEO for your website/pages.


The Last of Us
Staff member
Dec 16, 2006
What happened? The thought they could grow without any investment (both time and money) into the community. As they now see, that was to their detriment. The owners of the site haven't visited the forums for years and really don't do that much with the site even. I think they have one journalist/writer/reporter. Fiji and Brandon are excellent admins but even they stopped visiting regularly because, well, there was just no point. Brandon made me mod just so I could keep tabs on the spammers, but that's it.

Shame really