Why does it have to be this way...?

Dec 29, 2022
This is more of a rant than a question, but it would be great to know the legitimate reason why this is setup this way.

The playstation store on the PS3. I don't believe I've made any purchases on the PS4 in quite some time and have not yet used the store on the PS5 so I cannot speak for them, this is specifically the pS3, and I DO NOT remember it being this way years ago when I made purchases? But I could be wrong.

Why is it so overly complicated to purchase a game? You literally have to add a credit/debit card on your console, sign into the store, scan a QR code, go to the website on your phone or computer, add funds to your wallet using the card you added, which you can only do $5, $10, $20 etc. increments, then go back to your console, add the game to the cart, and then checkout with the credit/debit card you added via the funds you added to your wallet.

Just why? Why so many steps for something so simple? What is the point of adding a credit card to your payment methods if you have to use wallet funds for everything?

Even more annoying, is adding $10 to buy a game that costs $9.99 only to be charged .59 cents sales tax FOR A DIGITAL ITEM so then you have to go through the above process again adding mroe money than you intended to spend in order to compensate for the .59 cents that you can't just pay for with your card..

Is this completely asinine or am I missing something here?