Why Lightgun games are dead



This is a little bit of a self indulgent rant but....

Projects like this (for me) serve as a painful reminder of the sheer incompetence on display by Namco and Sega, who sat through the ps3, wii, xbox 360 and now the PS4 and nintendo switch with no re-releases or remasters of any light gun franchise. Really think about it for a second? The fact that passionate gamers are able to create their own pereferals is just further proof that the technology is widlely available and anybody could have done it.

The Sinden Lightgun is just a wii zapper (or Guncon if you prefer) updated to work on modern screens, despite that supposedly being impossible. For those interested the only Light guns available currently are the EMS Topgun 3 available on play asia and the Aimtrak, both work on playstation 2. I don't belive for a second that Guncon 3 support for the playstation 2 was impossible. All three of the light guns mentioned use the same technology as wii remotes, by the way.

You don't even need a classic light gun. The fact that Namco released Time Crisis Raging storm with move support proves that they could have updated Time Crisis 4 to have the same support, but didn't anyway. I'll give Sega a little bit of a break, they did re-release House Of The Dead: Overkill with Move support and that game is available on playstation now. So thats what? 2 light gun games with move support in a 13 year period spanning 2 console generations. Time Crisis 4 was released in 2006, House of the dead 2009 and time crisis 5 (yes, bandai are still making them and the arcade machine seems to use what looks like a Sinden Lightgun) in 2015.

So you see, light gun games aren't dead by the lack of a suitible perefeal (people actually argue that the infarred technology used by the wii is insufficient) its because nobody is making them despite all the work being done for them by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. There is seemingly zero interest by Namco and Sega in re-releasing any of their titles.
And good job on these modern light gun creators for giving Aimtrak zero competition on price, if you want one you're paying 80-100 minimum and if it breaks theres only one person you can go too for a replacement!

There are technically 4 light gun shooters with move support including House of the dead and Time Crisis: Raging storm. Those are Blue Estate and Dead Space Extraction for the ps4 and ps3 respectively. I only included classic light gun franchises.

Incidentally, Namco did try to bring Time Crisis to phones in Time Crisis: Second Strike. It didn't use any of these AR gun game rigs, no you needed an iphone and an Ipad, you'd use your iphone as a light gun and the ipad as the screen...it didn't stay on the app store for very long.


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I'm referring to the Sinden Lightgun on kickstarter
The lightguninverter and finally the Hyperskins lightgun