Why the PS4 Camera Ripoff?


New member
Feb 3, 2022
I log into the UK Playstation store to try & get the Playstation Camera.
I get re-routed to the US store when I click on 'Buy from an online retailer' and the quoted price is $59.99, but the fun starts on checkout as they will not ship to the UK.
I go to Amazon.co.uk and the price has now taken a hike to £149.99 - even taking the UK ripoff VAT into account this is still three times the cost.
So 2 questions.
1 - WHY do I get re routed to the US store when that is useless as they will not ship to me?
2 - Why is the UK cost north of three times the price for the same gizmo that is $60 in the US?

What an absolute CON!