[Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U

Jul 10, 2012
Orlando FL

Intro:This is the first Mario title since N64 (Super Mario 64) to be released with a New Nintendo Console at launch. This is the 4th entry into the New Super Mario Bros. Franchise first in HD.

Story:Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad 1 and Toad 2 are having what appears to be Brunch (if I had to guess lol)at peach's castle. While at the table out of no where the castle comes under attack by Bowsers' ship followed by his children in their own ships. Moments later a giant mechanical Bowser hand appears over the table moves peach over then proceeds to punch Mario and company down. After that they are scoped up and thrown about 237 miles away (i base that distance on absolutely nothing) from the castle into an acorn tree. Now how Mario and Company survived the situation is beyond me however this is why he is called Super Mario lmao,this is where you will begin your quest. This time the princess was not kidnapped she is captured in her own castle that has been taken over by Bowser (that's the difference storywise lol). It is you goal to defeat all of the Koopalings as well are Bowser Jr. You got a long road ahead its time to get it started!

Gameplay and Controls:Like on the Wii Version of this game you can play alone or with some however on Wii U up to 5 players can play at the same time (4 WiiMotes and 1 gamepad) The control in regards to how you use the WiiMote is the same from the Wii Version nothing new there. The one player on the gamepad can place blocks, hit "some" enemies to help the others out, and from time to time on the gamepad screen you will see a star if you tap it you can kill all enemies on the screen by tapping them. Gameplay is on point responsive pretty much what you expect them to be with these Mario games. The powers up are all back from the Wii Version with the addition of the Squirrel suit. The New power up is useful and fun to use! While traveling thru the worlds you will come across baby yoshis that will help they come in 3 colors. Yellow, Blue, and Pink'ish lol. The Yellow ones are used to light up dark areas, Blue ones blow bubbles, and the Pink'ish ones inflate to help you get coins that maybe out of reach or to get over long gaps. Also Yoshi "green" same powers nothing new with good old Yoshi lol!

Graphics and Presentation: Graphics look GREAT on the Wii U! Mario in HD doesn't disappoint. The Backgrounds look great clear crisp huge improvement over the previous entries in the New Super Mario bros franchise. Layout level wise is your typical Mario Map you have your levels and bonus houses also some obstacles along the way. Main menu is easy to navigate with the gamepad or WiiMote. You have your main story Mode with 3 save slots you can play solo with the gamepad or wiimote you can also play with friends all using wiimotes. You have boost Rush Mode where you collect coins to speed up the level and try to beat it as fast as you can each coin rush consist of 2 levels each. The more coins you collect the faster the auto scroll goes you try to get your best time. You also have challenge mode (my personal favorite) has a variety of challenges time runs, Coin collecting, 1-up rally, special, and boost mode. Lastly you have coin battle which is a version of boost mode one player has the gamepad the others use wii motes. In all these mode you can use Mii Characters in story mode you can not.

Sounds:Music is your typical "Mario" type music like all Mario games. Music sounds great from the gamepad of thru the tv speakers. Doesn't get repetitive and is fitting to the situation your in and levels your playing thru you also have some classic Mario themes re mastered.

Multiplayer:This is where the game becomes MOST frustrating and fun at the same time. Imagine this you have 4 players at the same time running thru a level trying to reach the end jumping all over each other dying while your trying to help them via the gamepad. This was my first experience with the game it was madness!!! I've already mentioned all the modes in the game with friends it can be fun and challenging. Even playing one player and having a friend play on the gamepad putting blocks to help you along the way is fun. Typically I use the gamepad to help cause when my gf does she places blocks and screws me over with them lmao. However playing on the gamepad while u have 4 players with the WiiMotes playing on the big screen is just epic and a must have experience on the gamepad.

Conclusion:When I first heard about the game I wasn't overly excited about it since I had played previous games in this series. When I saw the video from e3 2012 of the game I thought it looked great graphic wise. I bought the game new for 40 bucks so I figured why not. Once I got to spend alone time with the game I really started to enjoy it. I've spend the most time in challenge mode its been addictive! If you have me on Mii Verse I'm continuously playing the game posting up shots of in game action. Any player at any skill level can pick up this game and play which is nice. Playing solo on the gamepad is comfortable surprising given the size of the gamepad. I've mostly played on the gamepad while my gf is watching one of her shows really speaks more on the gamepad than the game really. I would def recommend this game for any Mario fan this is one of the standout titles for the wii U at the moment even when you beat the game there is more to do this game will keep you busy for hours. I was expecting the game to be just ok and ended up being pleasantly surprised. The gameplay is tight, the visuals are beautiful, and music is great as well everything comes together well.

+ Great gameplay and controls
+ Addictive challenge mode lots of replay value Solid game!
+ Looks amazing Mario in HD!!!

- Don't like the fact when playing 2 players you both have to use a Wiimote and gamepad can only be used for placing blocks
- Second NSMB title released in the past 4 months series is starting to feel like they are over doing it with the series
- Lack of online play

DeviousOne's Score

8/10 Worth a purchase and play thru you wont be sorry.



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Aug 12, 2009
Nice! Added to index. A lil note though, Graphics and Presentation takes a funky detour into Gamemodesville hehe ;)


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Mar 4, 2008
Good review.

I played this at my mates place and I agree with this:

- Don't like the fact when playing 2 players you both have to use a Wiimote and gamepad can only be used for placing blocks
Player 1 - gamepad we just put on the floor and we just used wiimotes to play the actual game... and we still needed the gamepad for some options and stuff which was annoying.

Aside from that, really fun game. Some of the background art is superb
Jul 10, 2012
Orlando FL
[QUOTE="Ghost-Rhayne, post: 5968442]Nice! Added to index. A lil note though, Graphics and Presentation takes a funky detour into Gamemodesville hehe ;)[/QUOTE]

Yea I know I was trying to use the standard layout but as I was typing it on my blackberry mentally I was thinking well modes could be presentation. I just did modes separate like in my MK7 review ill work on that next time may turn out another one this week and try that format.

Yea DV I just don't like that I leave it on the table or couch between my gf and I when playing multiplayer. That's my biggest con with the game. Its awesome playing solo with the gamepad