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Jul 10, 2012
Orlando FL

Have you ever wanted to go to a theme park that is based on Nintendo characters? Dress up in silly costumes based on your favorite Nintendo IP's? Sure you did I don't care how old you are even if you have children any gamer would LOVE to be able to experience that and share it with their children! Too bad it doesn't exist in real life but it DOES exist on the Wii U! Nintendo Land is a collection of 12 attraction based on Nintendo IP's with HOURS of multiplayer madness to be had. Owners of the Deluxe Wii U set got a free copy bundled in. Nintendo Land was first revealed at E3 2012 by Mr. "My body is ready" (not DeviousOne lol) the Regginator. Lets get going on this magical virtual journey to Nintendo Land. We'll start with a simple intro to the Attractions.


Number of players: 1–5 Cooperative

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

Based upon The Legend of Zelda series. Up to three players (In red, blue, and yellow) use their swords to fight enemies. One more player uses their GamePad (in green) to control a character in the rear of the pack using a bow and arrow. The player with the GamePad can also lift their controller to spy for sniping enemies. To reload their bow and arrow, the player aims the GamePad down.

Metroid Blast

Based upon the Metroid series and the "Battle Mii" tech demo from E3 2011. The player using the Wii U GamePad controls Samus's Gunship, while up to four players with Wii Remotes and Nunchuks control Mii characters on foot, wearing Varia Suits. There are three modes, "Assault Mission", "Surface-Air Combat", and "Ground Battle". In "Assault Mission", the players cooperate to defeat waves of enemies and complete missions. In "Surface-Air Combat", the players with Wii Remotes and Nunchuks try to shoot down the player with the GamePad. In "Ground Battle" all players use Wii Remotes and Nunchuks in a battle for tokens.

Pikmin Adventure

Based on the Pikmin series. One player controls Olimar who can command tiny Pikmin using the Wii U GamePad, whilst four additional players (As red, blue, yellow and white pikmin.) can control larger Pikmin using the Wii Remotes. Players must work together to help navigate levels and defeat enemies, including a boss at the end of the stage. When the boss is defeated, the players board Olimar's ship. There is also a Versus Mode where the players compete for candy.

Number of players: 2–5 Competitive

Mario Chase

Based on the Super Mario series and the "Chase Mii" tech demo from E3 2011, four players (in Toad costumes) with Wii Remotes have to chase down a fifth player (who's in a Mario costume) with the GamePad in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Based upon the Luigi's Mansion series, up to four players (in Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi costumes) must try to find a ghost in a maze, and weaken it by shining their flashlight towards it. The ghost is controlled by a player using the GamePad's screen on the controller. The ghost remains invisible to the remaining players (unless provoked by a player's flashlight, lightning-illuminated hallways, or if the player uses the ghost's dash or battery draining magic attack), but their respective controller will vibrate if the ghost is near them, requiring cooperation in order to catch the ghost.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

Based on the Animal Crossing series, four players control animals trying to collect candy as a team before they get caught 3 times by the guards, controlled by another player using the GamePad. As players collect more candies, their movement becomes slower, making it easier for them to be caught.

Number of players: 1

Takamaru's Ninja Castle

Based on the 1986 Family Computer Disk System game Nazo no Murasame Jō (also released as a Virtual Console title), the player uses the GamePad's touchscreen to launch paper shuriken at waves of enemy ninjas. The controller can be tilted in order to change the trajectory of the throws. On boss ninjas or ninjas who are at close range, the players uses a katana.

Donkey Kong's Crash Course

The player uses the GamePad to tilt a trolley through a platform-based obstacle course, influenced by the original Donkey Kong arcade game. The analog sticks and L and R shoulder buttons can be manipulated to activate various levers, elevators, and pathways to advance the player throughout the course.

Captain Falcon's Twister Race

A single-player game based on Nintendo's futuristic racing game F-Zero, where the player must race down a track while avoiding obstacles in 12 different areas. The GamePad is held vertically and the gyroscope is used to steer the vehicle. The GamePad provides an aerial view (a more strategical view) of the track while the TV provides a third-person view on the track.

Balloon Trip Breeze

In this single-player game, based on Nintendo's Balloon Fight, the player will control their on a play-field similar to the one on Balloon Fight. The player does this by swiping the stylus on the GamePad's touch screen to create gusts of wind that will move the Mii around. The GamePad will offer a zoomed-in view whereas the TV will offer a zoomed-out view. The levels are divided into morning, afternoon, evening and night, which are all ended by landing on an island. Ocasionally, there are packages on islands that the player can pick up to protect and deliver to the next island.

Yoshi's Fruit Cart

This attraction is based on the Yoshi series. The player has to guide Yoshi to the finish by collecting all the fruit in the level, by making a trail on the GamePad using the stylus. The fruit is only visible on the TV screen, so the player must use reference points in the background to draw the path on the GamePad.

Octopus Dance

This attraction is based on Game & Watch Octopus. Octopus Dance is a rhythm game which plays by using the GamePad's Control Sticks and Gyro Sensor. Players must memorize and replicate the actions performed by the diver on screen.

Gameplay and Controls
Controls Vary based on which attraction your in, all of the attractions use the gamepad which is nice so rest assure the gamepad will be getting plenty of use in this title in some multiplayer games you get an advantage with the gamepad. Wii Motes are used as well in most multiplayer games in Metroid blast you use Wii Motes and nunchucks honestly takes a little bit to MASTER those controls but once you do its GAME ON! None of the games can be played just on the gamepad you will need both screens gamepad and tv. This title does a good job showing how the gamepad game be used in different types of game play the first obvious example that comes to mind is Takamaru's Ninja Castle with throwing the stars and aiming at enemies that was a natural pick up for me. Another example is in Metroid Blast player with the gamepad controls a ship and you can spin 360 degrees while you may look slightly silly playing its no doubt fun and a cool way to use the gamepad. Also some games like Mario Chase and Octopus Dance use the camera to display your face on screen. Doesn't really add to gameplay but its cool to be on the big screen as part of the backdrop lol. Pikmin is very addictive with the gamepad I've found myself enjoying it the most out of all the attractions since I dont always have 4 or 5 people readily available to play other attractions. Overall Nintendo Land does the job is was intended to do which is present ways to show how the Gamepad can be used in different gaming situations. Also the game provides surprising Deep gameplay with attractions like Metroid Blast, Pikmin, even Zelda's Battle quest with 12 attractions to get into you will find something that will entertain you for hours!

Graphics & Presentation​
Graphics look great in HD! Once you start your greeted by Monita (we'll get back to her or it shortly) and she is explaining things about what to do directions she's your walk-thru guide. As you play mini games you receive coins which can be used in a coin drop mini game which is surprisingly addicting (i may have a gambling problem attributing to my personal addiction to this game lol). The point of the coin dropping game is you simply drop coins down a path and try to light up the spots on the bottom here's a picture to get a better idea:

Once you complete one of the screens you get a gift which is used to fill up your Nintendo land they can be a button to turn out the lights, to music for your jukebox that plays different music from attractions, to displays from the attractions here's another picture to give you an Idea of how you park starts to fill up with these gifts.

Game does a great job of giving off the feel of an amusement park also if you have me on Mii Verse I only charge a very LOW and competitive price of 79.95 entrance fee to MY Nintendo Land and pictures ive posted on Mii Verse from my fun days at Nintendo land LOL.


Sound is great each attraction has music that is connected with the IP so every attraction does a great job in that regards of putting you in the mood of that particular attraction your in. Like previously mentioned you can win gifts that let you pick the music you want to hear while running around your park. My personal favorite is the music from Mario Chase thats based on Super Mario World on the SNES brings back great memories. if your a Nintendo Fan you will enjoy the soundtrack great selection.


While the game playing alone is enjoyable this game turns into a BEAST when you have 4 or 5 people playing with you. The first week I got the Wii U i threw a Wii U party. Nintendo Land was a HIT and I had a nice age group there ages 14 to 30 in my house that night so I had all types of gamers in attendance. your Hardcore I only play xbox360 to chicks that play mobile games and dont like playing ps3 or xbox360 to someone that isnt into gaming other than sport titles. Everyone enjoyed Nintendo Land and it got extremely competitive in my house that night. Mario Chase with 5 players is the most fun ive had playing any game, Luigi's mansion ghost hunter is the most hilarious game to play with 5 people, Pikmin trying to get 4 people to play together is just madness, and metroid blast epic! Also Animal crossing is also addictive fun we got 6 people to play on that with the 2 girls playing on the gamepad controlling one of the guards each which was kinda a mess but fun to say the least once everyone got the game LOL. Simply put this game shine and goes to another level when you have company to play with Ive never in the 24 years ive game had so much fun playing multiplayer the only other time in my life i had fun playing multiplayer was playing Rampage on N64 with my 2 little brothers when we were kids.

When i got my Wii U i knew i was going to get the deluxe set because i wanted a Black Wii U Nintendo Land was a PLEASANT surprise and has been deep at times ive had the game since nov 21st and still play it till this day especially when company is over. Single player its between Meh to good but when you have a group it becomes a totally different beast. Ive personally enjoyed my time with the game solo wise however it can get repetitive overtime ever with 12 attraction you can find yourself getting bored with it playing alone. Games like Yoshi Fruit or Balloon Trip Breeze come off as games that mobile game that mobile gamers would enjoy for example my gf loves her iphone and is always playing games on it NOT shockingly she plays those two games the most. Zelda's Battle Quest I don't like it if im using the gamepad your on a rail system and when you play with someone they are always ahead of you and you kind of feel useless since your so behind. Ask anyone that's played Nintendo Land they will attest to how hard and frustrating Donkey Kong's Crash Course but once you master it its a GREAT sense of accomplishment LOL. Mario Chase and Luigi's ghost hunt are only fun when you have a group of atleast 3 to play with, ive tried playing just my gf and I its not the same attraction. Its a great pack in game for the Wii U does a good job showing how the gamepad can be used in gameplay aspects but it doesn't offer much if your playing solo. Unless you got it bundled with your Wii U I would NOT recommend you buy it retail for 60 bucks now if the game was 19.99 i would ABSOLUTELY recommend you get this game. Bottom line if you get this retail its like paying 59.99 for Wii Sports So if you haven't gotten a Wii U and you still deciding i think this game alone should sway your decision somewhat its a fun game but at the end of the days its a PARTY game you need a group of people to fully enjoy this game and experience what it has to offer fully.

+ Great presentation addictive mini games
+ Various Music from Nintendo IP's
+ Best Multiplayer Experience on the Wii U today

- Only 12 Attractions 6 that can be played solo
- Solo games get old fast
- MONITA!!! (see Below) automatic .5 deducted from score​
7/10 Does a good job showing how the gamepad can be used, GREAT Party Game!

I just needed to get this out there but Monita is your tour guide for Nintendo Land. Starting a NEW game she becomes extremely annoying extremely fast and she just annoyed the ISH out of me. Her voice is annoying and she takes too much time explaining things in the beginning you have to listen to her talk and talk and talk!!!! I wanted to smash my new shiny gamepad into my 55 inch flat screen so she would shut up! The good news is once you've played the game and played all the attractions she doesn't talk as much. She has to be the MOST annoying character ever created and it did hinder my enjoyment and initial experience with Nintendo Land. If you haven't played Nintendo Land you have been formally warned! LOL Your welcome!

MiiVerse ID: DeviousOne​
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Mar 4, 2008
Dude this review is so pretty. I love all the graphics, and you broke it all down really well.

I really enjoyed my time spend at a mates place playing Nintendo Land. Its much better than Wii Sports was and it actually a good game I'd play on my own, not just for party play.

Its all up in the index now
Jul 10, 2012
Orlando FL
Thanks bro you have no idea how much time I spent formatting this thing lol my computer for some reason isn't up loading so I had to use my phone up upload the images I created. Happy with how it turned out I want to pump out to more reviews then finish my current games to add those to the cr section lol


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Dec 30, 2007
Good shit Devious! I watched a video review of this a while back, but it seems pretty decent. You nailed the use of graphics on this one. The Zelda mini game would probably be my favorite.
Nov 5, 2008
Awesome review Devious. I wanted to get a Wii U back around Christmas time just for Nintendo Land, I think I might get one sometime this week after reading this.

+rep fo sho
Jul 10, 2012
Orlando FL
Thanks bro I've been to a couple retail stores in my area and have been able to find the deluxe bundle. I will do doing my review for the deluxe bundle soon Lethal already has a review for the Basic set. I wouldn't go to gamestop there are the only ones who don't have the Deluxe set consistently but everywhere else should be easy to find lol
Nov 5, 2008
is the deluxe bundle the one that comes with Nintendo land? and it is black?

If so, they had that at my gamestop last time it was there. Think it was like $350