WiiU or 3DS XL, WiiU or 3DS XL...Dammit :/


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Jul 31, 2013
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Now, in the past on other forums when people make these kind of threads, I was always like "WTH, just pick one that looks good to you, etc etc" but now I understand why some people make these topics because now I'm having that problem.

So, here's the thing that I'm stuck on. The WiiU has a few mario games that I really want to play, plus Donkey Kong TF is coming out tomorrow I believe and I also want to play that, also I hear of a new zelda coming out for it. At the same time I was in gamestop today and I was looking at the 3DS XL, I'm also an RPG fan, too. I want to buy a system but I'm really having a hell of a time picking between the WiiU or 3DS xl. A nudge in the right direction might help me a bit, making the decision less complicated for me. o_O.

Here is the other thing. I have two PS3's, if I trade one in, I get like 50% more in store credit for it towards a WiiU. I don't get that same deal if I get a 3DS XL. So if I use my store credit plus a console trade in I can get the 3DS xl for about $100 while the WiiU would be around $170 or so. ugh
Also, are there any RPG's for the WiiU?

So yea, I'm stuck with this decision and it's a tough one. Could the WiiU pick up momentum here soon or is the 3DS xl still a better pick. I'm looking at possible future games as well. Is Nintendo really focusing on their handhelds more compared to home console at this point?
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Nov 14, 2007
Wii U is getting some cool games. Tomorrow I pick up Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros is releasing in a couple months. I say get the Wii U if you are set on grabbing one over the other.

Lord knows the Wii U could use some more buyers lol


Mar 9, 2008
Where do you usually play games? On the go or at home? Because if it's at home you might as well get a WiiU as you can use the gamepad as a portable device to play games on around the house anyways. Games like monster hunter along with something like windwaker or wonderful101 could easily entertain you till more wii u games come out.


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Jun 1, 2007
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I bought the 3DS XL, but I'm starting to wish I got the Wii U because of the gamepad like Effekt mentioned. But....then again, the 3DS has a lot more games available and probably a lot more on the way than the Wii U. Although, I am intrigued about the possibility of playing DS games on the gamepad. If that were available right now....I would have definitely chosen the Wii U. Sorry....I'm not much help.