Windows 365 - Your desktop in the cloud


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Oct 8, 2007

First things first, that video is slick! Like, real damn slick! :love:

I really get this from an organisation perspective. Our University had a metric buttload of PC's on campus. How much of a QoL improvement would this be for the IT dept.? Not having to worry about security bullshit from one person in some rando corner of the campus connecting to the campus wifi with some dodgy shit installed on their pc! Not even having to worry about upgrading the damn things as well! You could go to the less used areas of the campus and still find 4th-gen intel CPU's where the university typically has a revolving door of upgrades year in, year out (the CS dept usually got the latest and greatest lol).

With this, all you'd need to do is literally just give a kid their log in credentials, and they're all set up with their own isolated virtual PC that they can take any where they want, even home! I wonder what sort of admin rights an organisation would have over their virtual PC's as well.

Then there's the power consumption savings. Again, our university used all those PC's when they were idle to do work for the staff, or post-grads etc. You'd essentially move this all to a data center, and all you'd need on campus would be some piddly little thing that can push enough data to keep the screen on!

For home tho, i kinda hate this. A subscription to a thing that does not inherently offer any additional value. Nah, don't like it. This is no sub for me owning my things.

Curious what anyone else thinks about this?


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Jun 30, 2013
For personal use I don't like the idea of it. As you said, I also don't like the idea of a subscription and cloud based OS/apps for my PC at home. But I can see the benefits of having this kind of solution in a school/university and in a work place maybe. It kind of sounds similar to Citrix or something like that.