Would a few of you mind answering some questions for a class I'm taking?

Sep 4, 2009
Hello PSU Friends! I rarely post on here (but I lurk a lot) but would love to have some help with a small project. I'm taking UX Design classes and have been tasked with designing a Profile Creation Tool for a video game. Not the most exciting part of a game, but hey, it's something. If I could have at least five people take this quick survey it would genuinely go a long way and really help me out.

Prompt: Build a Profile Creation Tool for a Popular Video Game

• Can you think of a game that had a particularly good/satisfying profile creation tool? If so, why did you enjoy using it?

• Can you think of a game that had a particularly bad/unsatisfying profile creation tool? If so, why did you not enjoy using it?

• What features are important to you when setting up a profile on a new game?

• How important is it to you that you can easily set up a profile for a game?

• What is a feature that you would like to have when setting up a new profile for a game?

• How often do you access your profile when playing a game and why?
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Sep 17, 2005
Best create a character systems would probably be in games like Black Desert, Fallout 4, and Monster Hunter World.

Worst character creator systems: Mass Effect Andromeda, Jump Force and Albion Online.

Features I like seeing: Several Presets but also options for in-depth customization in facial, body, build, attire, etc. Also, being able to choose starting stats for various builds is nice.

I don't mind spending hours creating an optimal character if I'm going to spend 40+ hours playing the game.
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