WWE15 game, My two idea's


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Feb 11, 2009
Ok now that WWE14 2K is out and getting a mixed bag of reviews and has somewhat failed in turning the series into a better one after WWE13,

And overall yukies just copy and paste approach to the series, has hurt it a lot and with just a few added things like

Beat the streak and 30 years off WM, which in fact is wrong and that is is due to the fact it is only 29 years of WM and 30 years should have been used in WWE15 game.. But we will not talk about that stupid move on there part

What i am suggest is a smart one i hope for WWE15 2k game and that is this, why not bring a transfer system into the game and you have to spend in game money to buy wrestlers for your brand and compete in tournaments for CREATED BELTS or CURRENT BELTS or OLD BELTS for you brand to use

And CREATED WRESTLERS as well for your brands and house shows

Also use the WWE development centre they built this year to develop created wrestlers and to make them work up from the centre to the NXT and then a handful of house shows and then the main roster

This way they get exposure and fame and the fans attention and this makes them important and valuable. So the two main brands fight over them, and if you develop them enough and they are fought over by the two brands being smackdown and raw offline during the GM mode .

and also

You can put them up for sale online in the universal mode, were people can put out bids on your wrestler and highest bid buys the wrestler and this can work in so many was.

1. An actual development of a wrestler by your own hands

2. It sets up a competition online for who has the best wrestler

3. It makes the universal mode exciting and makes it important to see who has the best within a leader board system

4. It actual encourages originality and well created wrestlers from all backgrounds

5. It would work if done right

The same goes for CREATED BELTS, make one single belt or a load of them and use them in enough matches and they will build up a historic history and importance among the wrestling world and with enough of this, they will become so important

That they are like the CREATED WRESTLER, bided for use or ownership on a certain brand say RAW..So with the Created wrestler system, the belt starts at the bottom and lets say at HOUSE SHOWS and it gets enough exposure and the fans have give it enough attention and it builds up a great rep.

Then when it is brought into the mainstream shows like RAW and Smackdown, it is used on one of the shows enough times and builds up even more REP,

They fight over the ownership of the belt and then a bidding war starts and the highest bidder gets the belt... This could work in away were it is not money used unlike the WRESTLER,

It is bided through a match based system, were both brands put their guys that can fight for the title. Against each other through loads of matches and the most wins from one brand gets the title..

But here is the best thing, the title can be put on the line at PPV's and if say RAW lets one of their wrestlers go to smackdown and wrestler like they do in real life... They can attack the current title holder and set up a string of matches at PPV's with the brand losing the title to the opposing brand

And the CREATED BELT system, just like the CREATED WRESTLER system. Can be used online as well

Were with the created belt or belts can be put up for sale in the universal mode, and people can bid for it... But the bidding is matches and not money..

A tournament is held within the universe of those that want the belt and they have to win the tournament for the right to own the belt.. This can be used for getting the belt back and the tournament is random and you never end up with the same matches and it gets harder and harder with every increase of history the belt or belts hold

this works the same as the CREATE A WRESTLER system

1. It increases competition online for things that should actually be fully used to their ability

2. It makes you create the greatest belts ever and them actually out shining the current real belts like the WWE BELT

3. It makes it a awesome system to introduce for those that want to make their belts worth creating

4. It actual encourages originality and well created belts from all backgrounds

5. It would work if done right

This also goes for the current and old WWE BELTS... You could set them to 0 and we have to build them up again and they could be in direct competition with the CREATED BELTS as well..

So you build them up and put them into tournaments online and people have to fight for them.. Because not everyone's BELTS CREATED or CURRENT or OLD are all going to have the same statistics and therefore it makes people play the game more to increase them statistics , so their titles are worth competing in a tournament for

So what do you guys think of my two idea's that should be in WWE15 2K and would you think it could work or be complicated
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