Xbox 720: How Microsoft Could Determine Sony's Fate


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Nov 10, 2007
[QUOTE="J3ff3, post: 5780146]i think most people, and their wallets, would disagree with that to be honest. it has certainly felt like they have slowed down. i quickly browsed MS studios releases (minus things like 'fable the lost chapters, halo trilogy etc') 2001 - 8 core games 2002 - 11 core games 2003 - 10 core games 2004 - 10 core games 2005 - 8 core games 2006 - 6 core games 2007 - 8 core games 2008 - 5 core games 2009 - 3 core games 2010 - 4 core games 2011 - 2 core games - or 3 if you're feeling generous and want to count halo anniversary. i personally don't. there was more variety before. you had your forza, PGR, halo etc PLUS you had some very solid lesser known titles. amped, blinx, conker, crimson skies, rallisport, perfect dark - all series with great potential, all but put out to pasture. and that doesn't even touch on the IPs they could develop (where the fuck is KI?). it just strikes me that they have lost a little focus - i think many people hoped that MS had more in development than they actually have had. hopefully this is due to work on a new console, but i think thats now a bit of a stretch[/QUOTE] +rep