Xbox One new racing accessory line-up video w/ Major Nelson

Dec 23, 2010
Thustmaster F458 Italia wheel for the Xbox One = $400[/URL]

No price for the Mad Catz controller with the changable wheels and add-on stuff, but that video presented it as the more expensive option of the two.

$800 MINIMUM to play Forza on the Xbox One with a wheel, and that doesn't include the price of the game.

That's just highway robbery there. The far superior Logitech G27 controller has the wheel, pedals (with a clutch) and a separate 6 speed shifter for $100 less..... and it works with the PS3 and PC...... and I'll bet it works with the PS4 as well.

These are mid-grade wheels at premium prices.


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Nov 18, 2007
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I like how can customise the feel of the pedals. ITs always been a point of hatred with all the wheels I used in the past, they always felt way way too soft and nothing like a vehicle gas or brake pedal.
Dec 23, 2010
[QUOTE="keefy, post: 6222093]Never used one.[/QUOTE]


The guy playing sucks, but it give you a good idea of how the controller works.
Feb 11, 2008
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[QUOTE="YoungMullah88, post: 6222043]Lol non of the wheels from this generation will work on the xb1? Wow

Watch Sony capitalize

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Basically Microsoft aren't including support for the 360 generation wheel/pedal hardware so they can make more money from new peripheral licenses. That's all. There shouldn't be any way that they can't keep the support for older wheels/pedals.