Xbox Series X and "Lockhart" due to be part of Microsofts major May announcements


The Last of Us
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Dec 16, 2006
If rumours are correct then it looks like Microsoft will be going with a dual console strategy from the get-go next gen. Speaking personally I am not a fan of multi-SKU offerings in the world of consoles as one of the major 'benefits' of console gaming is that everyone gets a consistent experience in every game. It wasn't quite so bad this gen given one gave you 4K and the other didn't, but I'd expect both to give 4K next gen and so now you are going to be pixel peeping and frame rate comparing - just edging every closer to the world of PC gaming. It also means the best SKU will be expensive!


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Oct 8, 2007
Hopefully it's not like the old leaks suggest and it's positioned as a 'cloud' system... If you have the money for an unlimited fiber connection to your house, you can afford the big boy console as far as im concerned.

Cloud gaming has its pro's for sure, but all codecs, be it NVENC, HEVC. VP9 etc., all suck ass compared to a native uncompressed image. The drop in quality is then compounded by input lag over and above the render time. Hopefully this doesn't end up sticking.