Your worst experience/encounter with someone else's fetish?


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Jan 17, 2011
[QUOTE="x6Teen, post: 0]makes me lol just thinking about it but i once met this girl who really wanted me to pretend i'm her dad and am beating her. shit was crazy, not sure if it was a fetish though. i think she was hit by her dad when she was younger but idk she was calling me dad and wanted me to make her paralysed before we finish lol.

some of the best i've ever had was with girls who was into that sort of stuff like really rough or pretend rape. this other time i was in the club and there was this girl that looked similar to emma stone and had the meanest 'fuck me' face. we were eyeing each other the whole night and i could tell she wanted a good fuck. when she wasn't looking i turned her around from her shoulder and pushed her against a wall and started plowing her. the music was too loud and the room was too dark for anyone to barely know what was going on. i still have a small scar on my arm from her nails cos she had a death grip on me as if she was giving birth lol

sort of off-topic but felt like sharing that lol[/QUOTE]



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Feb 8, 2009
[QUOTE="Jaeger, post: 5989051]It's an absolutely amazing thread, one of the best this year so far. All the talk of of their members and/or their partners being into rape and golden showers really is astounding. It got me wondering just how different the GAF and PSU communities are.

I'm into golden showers. Sue me.[/QUOTE]

Um wtf? Shneaky white text you had going there....


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Oct 5, 2009
[QUOTE="Rapture, post: 5989516]Barely worth sharing, but the worst I've experienced was just a girl who really, really enjoyed having her fingers and toes sucked. When we first met when she asked me to 'eat her goldfish'. Yeah, she was kinda weird. But I sometimes like weird. For others, I knew a guy who enjoyed taking it up the ass by girls with strapons (no, his name isn't Claude). I can honestly that, like Ixion, I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea of it. Also, my cousin had a girlfriend who enjoyed being slapped and choked during sex. I was kinda jealous of that as I have a domination/sadistic/light bondage kink.[/QUOTE]I've heard similar stories from older women who've I've never imagined them thinking it, are wishing for rougher sex with their husbands, especially chocking, being told degrading things and hard slapping(Not all mind you, but the chocking part is popular). I am uncertain if that's a fetish but it opened my eyes to the notion that most women secretly love such treatments during intimacy.


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Mar 2, 2008
[QUOTE="higgos22, post: 5989802]Um wtf? Shneaky white text you had going there....[/QUOTE]
Ahaha, took until now to be found. PSU, I am disappoint. Yep, I'm partial to it, it just feels...good.
Aug 27, 2008
[QUOTE="claud3, post: 5990003]so we are all fetish dirt birds and still reasonable normal, or is that just me :snicker[/QUOTE]

I don't have crazy sex stories about myself, but i'm into bdsm and strangulation.

Edit: Among other things.
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Feb 29, 2008
[QUOTE="DreDayDetox, post: 5989412]Unfortunately do not have any stories to share or occurrences, but I do have a foot fetish and I'd like to get a footjob before I die..if that counts for anything.[/QUOTE]

I gotta agree...nothing strange to speak of...being married for 15 years....the strangest thing among us is she likes having her toes sucked during sex. Not really strange if you consider all the other stuff there is out there.