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This is my first profile post! Hello all! I am Rhyan and I am a game enthusiast looking to spread my wings into some new genres!
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You got a PS4 yet? I'm thinking of getting one later this year for Dragon Quest XI and some older games like Persona 5.

I also have an itch to play something open world -- where you drive around and shoot things -- but I'm so picky nowadays, and I don't care for online, and I'm afraid I'll get bored of whatever it is quicker than I anticipated. =P
Yeah, Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate look like must-have titles. Not sure how soon I would pick up a Switch after the PS4 though.
Finance side of things as well as time is difficult. Those games as well as Zelda:BOTW,Fire Emblem Warriors,Fire Emblem:Three Houses,Xenoblade 2 and Torna Country. Also interested in Octopath Traveller, Bayonetta 2 and some multi games i'd like to play on handheld part of it.
That reminds me I still need to look up the new Fire Emblem game. Octopath Traveler looks amazing too.
You taught me what 'blode chode' meant, I shall always remember this. Never used it in conversation though, not sure anyone in the UK would have a fecking clue what I meant.