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Namco Q1: Soul Calibur V sales top one million

on 3 August 2012

Soul Calibur V has sold over one million copies since its launch in January 2012, publisher Namco Bandai said today during the company’s first quarter financial report.

The three month period proved quite successful for the industry giant, with total sales up 23 per cent year-on-year, reaching 108.6 billion yen. Net income topped 10.2 billion yen, marking a massive 214% year-on-year increase.

Namco’s game-centric Content division posted higher sales than any other sector, recording a 160 per cent increase at 59.9 billion yen. Arcade and network goods meanwhile eclipsed traditional software sales, pulling in 13.8 billion yen.

In terms of raw software data, Namco moved 270,000 home console titles in its native Japan, as well as 711,000 portable games. Over in North America, it moved two million home console software and 500,000 units of portable software. Europe followed with 395,000 and 150,000 sales for home console and portable software, respectively.

The company released five new games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, sales of which totalled 1.3 million and 948,000, respectively. PSP moved 549,000 across six games, while two games for DS managed 270,000 units sold. Lastly, 3DS sold 322,000 between four games, while the Namco's single Wii release flogged 386,000 units.

Soul Calibur V sold 680,000 units during the first quarter alone, bringing life-to-date sales to 1.3 million.