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EA: Gaming moving to subscription-based ownership is "inevitable"

EA streaming service set to come in the near future rather than selling games? That seems to be the case according to an EA exec.

on 13 September 2017

ea streaming games service

While most games these days are sold either digitally or at retail, one of the world's largest publishers of video games think that's going to change in the near future. Speaking at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference today, EA VP of Investor Relations Chris Evenden mentions that the publisher is laying the groundwork from selling games, to streaming 'em -- as evident by its EA Access, Origin Access services for the Xbox One and PC.

We've been building an infrastructure both from a product and a marketing perspective so we can move our slate across to new platforms, and we can move with our games across to new platforms as well,"

"So all of these things, we've been working on for five or more years now, actually. But I think it's inevitable that the gaming entertainment world will move in much the same way that the music and video entertainment worlds have already moved, in the sense that people have moved from an ownership model to an access model. And you'll see that in gaming, just as you've seen it with Spotify and Netflix in other media businesses.

Additionally, Evenden thinks the technology to do this is now in place, though he admits the barrier is "stil there," but it's shrinking very rapidly. In the next three to five years, EA thiunks major technological announcements will "prove to be commerically significant." 

Confused as to why EA would want to move to this Netflix-like business model rather than sell games at $60 a pop? It's about lowering the the cost of entry and thus, nabbing more players. 

While we're still getting used to buying our games digitally and not being able to sell them whenever we want, can the gaming industry really shift to a subscription-based model in three to five years' time? Would you even want it to? It's definitely a hot topic that needs to be discussed at length by gamers, publisher, retailers, developers and basically anyone involved in video games.

Source: GamesIndustry