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Lumines Supernova officially dated and priced

The inaugural episode of PULSE from the PlayStation Network hinted that Lumines Supernova should have already released on to the PlayStation Store. However, that episode seems to have been taped and released earlier than expected, causing it to be quite wrong. Instead, Lumines Supernova is officially set to release on December 23 for the solid price of $14.99.

For those who have enjoyed this game for the last couple of years on your PlayStation Portable, you'll need no convincing in purchasing this game. Thankfully, you same lot also have something new to look forward to outside of a straight port to the arcade. Q Entertainment has included two new game modes to enjoy. Dig Down Mode forces gamers to work with a puzzle already filled with blocks and their objective is to clear the board, while Sequencer Mode allows you to create your own music with loops and sounds.

Unfortunately, Q Entertainment is going the same way as Capcom and Super Street Fighter. By this, of course, we regret to inform you that Lumines Supernova will not be hitting the European store until 2009.