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Chart Track reveals UK lifetime console sales figures

on 22 April 2009

GfK Chart Track has lifted the curtain on some particularly juicy sales figures for UK hardware, unveiling to date lifetime sales figures for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo platforms this generation.

Unsurprisingly, the PS2 takes the top spot with 10 million units sold following it’s launch in November 2000, with both the DS and Wii tracking up 8.8 million and 4.9 million sales each, respectively.

What’s particularly interesting to note is that Sony’s PSP and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are neck and neck in sales, with 3.2 million units sold since both machines hits store shelves in 2005.

PS3, meanwhile, has racked up 1.9 million unit sales following it’s UK launch in March 2007 – not too shabby considering it was the last console of the bunch to hit the market.

See below for a full list.

-Wii - 4.9 million (launched December 2006)
-Xbox 360 - 3.2 million (launched December 2005)
-PS3 - 1.9 million (launched March 2007)
-DS - 8.8 million (launched March 2005)
-PSP - 3.2 million (launched September 2005)
-PS2 - 10 million (launched November 2000)