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[UPDATE] Rumor: Ubisoft cans PS3 version of I Am Alive?

on 17 August 2009


Turns out this was a simple error after all -- the website now displays the PS3 version alongside its PC and Xbox 360 counterparts. Thanks to VG247 for the heads up.


With the release date of Ubisoft’s I Am Alive still ambiguous (latest reports have the game pinned down for a 2011 release – considerably later than expected), it now appears the upcoming survival romp will no longer be coming out for PlayStation 3.

That’s if you’re to believe a listing on the company’s official website, which lists the game down for release on PC and Xbox 360 only, with a PS3 release nowhere to be found.

While this isn’t an outright confirmation that the title has been shelved for Sony’s platform, it does seem questionable as to why Ubisoft would neglect to mention a PS3 version unless there's something going on behind closed doors that we've yet to hear of. Fingers crossed this is just a simple error on their part.

PSU will have more info on this story as it becomes available.

Thanks, VG247.