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Don't rule out Elder Scrolls V, afterall

on 18 August 2009

As we reported a couple days ago, Todd Howard’s comments at QuakeCon seemed to indicate that Bethesda was not working on a follow-up to The Elder Scrolls IV. Those comments have since been clarified by Bethesda’s head of marketing, Pete Hines, who says the company does in fact have plans for The Elder Scrolls V.

“Both Todd and I have said repeatedly that, of course, we’re going to do another Elder Scrolls game. The last one was enormously popular. So was the one before that. You get the idea. So do we,” Hines wrote on the Bethesda Blog.

The company is working hard on its next big game, which, Hines said, it isn’t ready to discuss. “As always, we prefer to have something amazing to show when we talk about it. We aren’t ready to confirm or deny or comment on speculation, nor are we going to give hints, about anything.”

Fans of the popular RPG can now look forward to a new Elder Scrolls, at least that’s what Hines seems to indicate without making an official announcement.