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Activision Blizzard’s Attempt To Halt The Lawsuit Against Them Has Been Thwarted, The Legal Battle Continues

Activision Blizzard has been engaged in what will no doubt be a legal odyssey by the time the case concludes for their reportedly despicable company culture and treatment of women within the developer, and a miasma of sexual harassment allegations – and their recent attempt to put an end to all that pressure has been thwarted by the lawsuit’s presiding judge.

The news comes from website PC Gamer, who reports that the decision came from judge Timothy Patrick Dillon with no reason given for the rejection.

The issue came up when Activision Blizzard tried to take advantage of what they deemed a conflict of interest between the EEOC and the DFEH, after the DFEH stepped in to stop a settlement between the EEOC and DFEH, which could have let Activision Blizzard walk away without ever facing any serious punishment.

At this point, there’s still no telling what exactly could happen, and whether or not Activision Blizzard will face any kind of punishment. It’s all still murky with how this legal battle could go, but the waves this entire story has caused through the industry will be remembered. If anything, this could very well be the turning point towards a fully unionized games industry in the U.S.

Source – [PC Gamer]