Assassin’s Creed Empire release date hinted at by Swiss retailer

assassin's creed empire release date

Swiss retailer WOG has posted a listing for the as-yet unannounced Assassin’s Creed Empire, the next chapter in Ubisoft’s multimillion-selling stealth-action franchise rumored to be in development for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

According to the listing, the new Assassin’s Creed game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017, which puts it out roughly in the same window as previous entries in the franchise. There’s not much else to go on right now, with WOG’s Assassin’s Creed Empire page pretty much devoid of any additional info. 

Right now, this listing should be treated with a pinch of salt until we hear something from Ubisoft, who is still keeping details on the next Assassin’s Creed title close to its chest. Rumors on the game have been going for a while now, with reports claiming Empire will kick start a new trilogy that includes locations such as Ancient Egypt and Rome. 

Earlier this year, a leaked screenshot purporting to be from the new game hit the web, apparently showcasing an Egyptian setting, including a shot of the protagonist and what appears to be the entrance to a tomb. Speculation has pointed to the inclusion of Alexander the Great, with the ‘Empire’ portion of the game’s rumored title alluding to the fact Alexander conquered Egypt, Greece, and other countries. 

Ubisoft pulled the mainline Assassin’s Creed titles out of rotation in 2016, after releasing a new game annually starting with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in 2010. However, we still got the spinoff titles Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, plus a movie adaptation starring Michael Fassbender earlier this year. Even so, the publishing giant has not committed to resuming its annual release scheduled for the series when it does return.