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Blizzard Is “Focusing On Building Our Vision Of A Revitalized ESports Program” As Overwatch League’s Future Hangs In The Balance

The Overwatch League ended its 2023 season this weekend, and it could very well have been the final championship the league will ever hold.

Blizzard at one point had the most popular esports league in the business with Overwatch League, which makes it all the more disappointing that it’s currently in a place where no one really knows what the future holds for the league.

In a statement published on Monday from the Overwatch League’s Twitter account, Blizzard said it “will be focusing on building our vision of a revitalized esports program. We’re eager to share more with you as details are finalized.”

OWL has been struggling on after it lost sponsors, switched to Overwatch 2 while that game went through a poor launch with players, laid off employees, lawsuits accusing Blizzard of “suppressing” player salaries, and the latest is that a vote is yet to be held among the teams left to see if the league will continue.

What comes out of that vote is yet to be seen, but this statement and considering OWL’s recent history all loom over its potential future, if it has one at all.

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