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Blizzard Is Reportedly Surveying Diablo IV Players To See If They’re Okay With A $100 DLC Expansion

Diablo IV had an excellent launch for Blizzard, not only was it selling well but players were engrossed by the excellent gameplay loop that seemed refined more than ever before in the long-running franchise.

That image quickly changed, after a misguided re-balancing patch that players revolted against, and a consistent streak of monetisation choices that have only further soured fan opinions.

Now, a new report shows that fans may soon have more to be upset about, as Blizzard has reportedly been sending out a survey to players, asking them if they would be okay with paying up to $100 for future DLC expansions, potentially even its coming expansion Vessel Of Hatred.

To be clear, Vessel Of Hatred isn’t exactly named, it’s just the next one up, and Blizzard is asking about “future updates.” It’s also worth noting that Blizzard has yet to clarify what Vessel Of Hatred will cost.

The price points it’s asking players about what they’d be willing to pay are $50, $70, $80, or $100. Each of these price points comes with different levels of incentives, though all of them would include the expansion.

Source – [VG247]