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Bloober Team Reveals New Layers Of Fear Cinematic Intro, Still Set For PS5 Release In June 2023

The upcoming new Layers Of Fear title is Bloober Team returning to the series which helped them to garner a fanbase of players who fell in love with how the team approached horror games.

On Thursday the team revealed a cinematic intro trailer for the upcoming title, which is still without an official release date, only a release window which still suggests that it’ll be launching sometime in June 2023.

This return to the Layers Of Fear franchise was announced back in June 2022, so it wouldn’t be all too surprising if the team was aiming to have the game now launch on the same day, which would be June 9, one whole year later.

You can check out the new cinematic intro trailer for yourself, here.

If you’re incredibly keen to try Layers Of Fear out any way you can, then there will be a demo made available on Steam only beginning May 15, 2023.

That’s not to say a demo might not be added to PS5 later on, more that one probably won’t be available on consoles until after it launches, or even just a few days beforehand.

Source – [Bloober Team]