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Bungie Raises The Price Of Destiny 2 Season Passes Going Forward From Season 21: Season Of The Deep

Destiny 2 players will have to pay more for new season passes beginning with Season 21: Season Of The Deep, and beyond. While a season pass previously would only cost 1,000 Silver, it’ll now cost 1,200 Silver.

The Season Pass along with a boosted 10 levels into the season was before 2,000 Silver, and will now be 2,200 Silver.

Silver is the premium in-game currency with which Destiny players can purchase special merch from the in-game store, and particularly the season pass at the beginning of each new one, in order to gain all premium rewards throughout each level.

Bungie delivered the news through its latest TWAB, where regarding the change Bungie said,

“As our teams continue to invest in crafting compelling Seasonal experiences for the year of Lightfall, there’s a heads-up we wanted to give regarding a small increase in the standalone Season Pass price, beginning with Season Of The Deep.”

“This will be the new pricing for Season Passes in Lightfall’s year for those looking to maximize their rewards with each new Season, and we’ll be evaluating new approaches to post-launch content in the year of The Final Shape.”

It should be noted that this does not mean you suddenly will have to pay more if you’ve already purchased the latest Lightfall expansion along bundle with the Annual Pass, which includes the premium pass for Seasons 20-23.

Not the news Destiny players would have wanted to see, though the change isn’t entirely surprising either, as the cost of keeping massive live service games like Destiny afloat with new content has greatly increased since the first Destiny title launched.

Source – [Bungie]