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College Football Players Are Being Offered $600 And A Copy Of EA Sports College Football 25 To Appear In The Game

EA Sports College Football 25 is arriving this Summer 2024, with a full reveal coming in May ahead of that release. It’s the first time in years that a College Football game is going to be hitting shelves, and fans can’t wait.

While it’ll surely include plenty of updates and changes from the last time a College Football game was released, it’ll also mark a first in the franchise – players from the teams will be paid to have their real names and likeness appear in the game.

EA is offering the thousands of players across the US playing College Football $600 along with a free copy of the game when it releases, if they choose to “opt-in” to having their real names and likeness in the game.

Back when the series came to an abrupt end in 2014, there was no avenue available to College Football players to make any money off their college careers. Players would see fellow students and fans wearing a jersey with their name on it, without getting anything from that purchase.

A US Supreme Court ruling in 2021 changed that, allowing for this year’s coming game to be the first time that players real names, images and likeness will be included, and that they’ll get a little extra cash for it too.

So long as they opt-in to being in the games, they’ll continue to be paid the $600 yearly. Every player will get this deal, though there are also around 100 players who will be getting unique contracts.

For the players that don’t opt-in, EA hasn’t said how they’ll deal with that, but did confirm that players won’t be able to edit the real names of those who didn’t opt-in.

“I won’t reveal how we’re dealing with that, but yeah, you won’t be able to edit that,” EA Sports senior vice president Daryl Holt told ESPN.

Source – [ESPN]