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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Gameplay Preview Showcases New Guardian Abilities, Teases What’s Coming In The Final Shape’s Story

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is the next big expansion in the long-running MMO shooter franchise, and on Tuesday developer Bungie released a gameplay preview, showing off new abilities and features players will be able to take advantage of when the expansion launches this June.

The star of the show in this preview is a new subclass called Prismatic, which allows players to combine Guardian abilities they previously had to choose between. With the Prismatic class, players can mix-and-match between Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis and Strand subclasses.

There’s also something new to the Guardian arsenal, Transcendence, where you’ll be able to take advantage of light and dark powers, and something that’s exclusive to the new Prismatic subclass.

Transcendence grants you a new unique grenade and weapon damage bonuses that stack on top of other damage buffs you might already have going, allowing you to execute combinations that “feel a little game breaking” according to combat area lead Ben Wommack.

There’s also a new enemy faction to deal with called “The Dread,” who can still kill you even after you’ve killed them, since improperly disposing of melee enemies called Husks causes a Geist to fly towards you, exploding and potentially killing you on impact.

This gameplay preview showed that there’s clearly a lot coming in The Final Shape, and it was all capped off with quick shots of what’s to come in the story of The Final Shape, which is meant to be the conclusion to the narrative Bungie started with the very first Destiny game.

Hopefully it’s an ending that players will feel is worth the seven-year build up across every expansion and a numbered sequel.

You can check out the preview for yourself, below.

Source – [Bungie]