E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Sighting of Guerrilla Games ahead of Sony presser…new IP reveal imminent?

Ahead of Sony’s big E3 press conference later today there’s a lot of speculation flying around that Killzone creator Guerilla Games is about to reveal a new IP.

We’ve known for some time that a new IP is definitely being shown at the press conference, but our money was on something from Heavy Rain creator, Quantic Dream – as we assumed that Guerilla Games would be more likely to announce a fourth game in the Killzone series.

The rumour has been compounded by the apparent sighting of the company’s Game Director, Steven Ter Heide, who worked on the production of Killzone: Liberation to Senior Producer on Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.

If this is true, we think it’s likely that Guerilla Games will also used the world stage to unveil a PS Vita entry in the Killzone series. It’s still all speculation, of course, but we’ll be heading to the press conference shortly where we’ll soon find out!