GameStop’s PS4 trade-in price drops as PS4 Neo looms, potential PS4 price cut incoming

US retailer GameStop has cut the PS4 trade-in price of 500GB models. Reported by GimmeGimmeGames, GameStop are now offering consumers a pitiful $150 for a PS4 500GB, which was previously being traded in at $200.

gamestop ps4 price drop

This is likely because demand is starting to weaken for the 500GB PS4 model, and GameStop is prepping themselves for the arrival of PS4 Neo later this year, and possibly even a PS4 slim.

PS4 trade-in price slashed

Offering a lower PS4 trade-in price also suggests that GameStop may be preparing for a PS4 price cut from Sony. Earlier this year, Microsoft made a similar move after slashing the price of the Xbox One following the announcement of the Xbox One S (slim model).

PS4 price cut likely

A serious PS4 price cut was predicted back in January based on the lowering chip production costs to power the console, but it never materialized. With the arrival of PS4 Neo and a potential slim model on the horizon we’d put good money on a PS4 price cut coming very soon.

Featuring an improved CPU and graphics processor, PS4 Neo is expected to be revealed at the PlayStation Meeting in New York City in September.