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God Of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus Mode Is Now Live With New Enhancements, Boss Battle Tweaks, And More

God Of War Ragnarok was one of the most anticipated releases in 2022, and when it finally did release, all it seemed anyone wanted to do was go back and play it again through a new game plus mode.

That unfortunately wasn’t live at launch, but the new game plus mode is live now, and it’s arrived with new enhancements players can put to use, new armour sets, some changes to boss fights, and more.

Sony Santa Monica announced the news with a PlayStation Blog post on Wednesday, outlining everything that’s been added in this update.

New armour sets will allow veteran God Of War fans some nostalgia with sets that call back to Kratos’ angrier days when he didn’t hesitate to kill a god, while the Spartan Armour set lets players give themselves the ultimate challenge of wearing no armour.

It’s an armour-less armour set that keeps all its stats and power level locked to 1, providing an even greater challenge for players on top of whatever difficulty you’ve already set it to.

And if you’ve chosen to go with a higher difficulty setting like Give Me No Mercy or Give Me God Of War mode, fights against the Berserker Souls or the Valkyrie Queen Gná won’t be exactly like you might remember, as Santa Monica have given those a bit of a punch-up.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]