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HBO’s The Last Of Us Continues Its Growth Streak, As Episode Four Hits New Viewership Heights

HBO’s The Last Of Us has become bigger and bigger with each episode, and this week’s episode four continues that streak with the highest viewership ratings yet.

According to numbers from the Nielson Group and HBO, episode four had 7.5 million viewers, a 17% increase from last week’s episode and a 60% increase compared to the premiere.

Each week the show’s numbers jump, all good news for Sony and PlayStation Productions, who’re finally seeing one of their projects pay off in a huge way.

The Uncharted film was for too long the only painful example of what we could expect from these adaptations, and with HBO’s The Last Of Us those tables have been decidedly turned.

As a fan of the games it’s great to see the story being told in a new way, especially one that makes this story I’ve loved for ages more accessible and enticing to loved ones who’ve never played the games or never would.

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Source – [VGC]