Here’s 10 minutes of Secret of Mana gameplay for some old school feels

secret of mana ps4

Square Enix made a lot of noise just a few weeks ago when it announced (without much fanfare, mind) that it was remaking Secret of Mana (aptly titled Secret of Mana remake), which is just only one of the most beloved RPGs of all-time. Not only is it getting revamped 3D visuals, new art style, full voice acting, and a revamped soundtrack, it’s also said to have a few gameplay tweaks as well.

Not satisfied? Maybe this 10-minute Secret of Mana Remake gameplay will answer some of your lingering questions. Check out the footage straight from PAX West 2017!

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Released way, way back on the Super Famicom (Super NES) in 1993, Secret of Mana (known as Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan) is not your traditional turn-based RPG which was super famous at the time, but it was an action-RPG, and even implemented multiplayer co-op that was unheard of at the time for an RPG. 

The Secret of Mana Remake is set for release this February 15, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Vita and PC. 

Will you be picking Secret of Mana Remake come next year? What do you make of the changes so far?

Source: Gematsu