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Hideo Kojima Reveals He Hand-Picked Death Stranding 2’s Cast As ‘Special Partners With Whom I Can Fight Together’

Hideo Kojima has revealed on Twitter that he selected the cast for Death Stranding 2 himself rathe than employing the use of casting agencies.

While the Metal Gear creator does go to agencies to draft contacts, the actual talent is chosen by himself, describing the process as selecting “special partners with whom I can fight together.” In addition, he also revealed that the Japanese cast has yet be decided.

Since I will be spending very long period of time working with actors and voice actors, I don’t let agencies/agents do casting. Various problems occur frequently in filming, voice recording, and game creation. I have chosen DS2 actors and actresses as special partners with whom I can fight together.

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The recording won’t be done for a while yet, but I’ve been thinking about casting the Japanese dub for the main new characters in “DS2.” Over the past few years, I’ve been studying by watching anime I don’t normally watch and trying to watch the dubbed versions of the streaming contents as well as BDs. Casting is the key to both the actors for DS2 and the voice actors for the Japanese voice-over version. I can’t leave this to others. I think it will work though I haven’t made an offer yet. I wonder if they will accept it.

Death Stranding 2 is currently in development for PS5 and is currently without a release date.

[Source – Hideo Kojima on Twitter]