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Lead Designer For Cancelled Superman Game Releases Gameplay Footage Of What Could Have Been

Superman might be one of the most super of heroes, but he’s never gotten a fair shake when it came to super hero video games, though we now know what that could have looked like, thanks to the former lead designer of a cancelled Superman game who has released footage of their unfinished project.

Salvatrix claims that the reason the game was never released was ultimately due to a bad economy, which made them lose their publisher, the studio, Factor 5, and the game entirely.

There are two videos, one is a longer clip of a very early build that is still riddled with bugs and issues, though the format is solid and the potential is there, something you more clearly see in the second, much shorter clip of what the developer Salvatrix says was more their target for the final product.

You can watch the first clip, which is a longer look an gameplay on a very early build for yourself here:

You can watch the second clip, a much shorter but more accurate look at what we might have gotten for a Superman game that at the time, would have released on PS3, here:

Do you think there’s room now for a new team to take a crack at Superman? Let us know in the comments below.

Source – [Twitter]