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Madden NFL 22 PS5 Update 1.005 Addresses Issue With Face Of The Franchise, Outside Cover Deep Zones

EA Sports has booted the Madden NFL 22 update 1.005 patch notes in our direction, which PS5 owners can download now. There’s not much to see here other than some fixes for Face of the Franchise mode and a few other bits and bobs.

Read up on the Madden NFL 22 1.005 patch notes below.

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  • Addressed an issue with class progression when player lock is on in Face of the Franchise
  • Resolved an issue with flipped play art when base aligning and choosing a new play
  • Tuning to Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones giving up too much space vs Corner routes with no other vertical receiving threat in their area
  • Tuning to Cover 3 Deep Zones vs Bunch Flood concepts
  • Tuning to Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones to better anticipate threats coming from across the field with no other threats to their zone

[Source – EA]