Modern Warfare 3 comes under fire from British tabloids

British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail has accused Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 of depicting “a chilling echo of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London.”

The article refers to a scene from the MW3 gameplay reveal trailer released earlier this week, which features numerous attacks on major cities across the globe, including an apparent assault on the London Underground.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail claims that a number of people affected by the 2005 bombings are calling for the Infinity Ward-developed military shooter to be banned.

Mediawatch UK’s Vivienne Pattison was quoted saying she has “concerns” over the footage as “these games are hyper-real” and the setting is familiar. “In light of the fact we have just had the 7/7 inquests, it is in incredibly poor taste,” she said.

Call of Duty has found itself scrutinized by the UK media on numerous occasions in the past, the most notable of which focusing on the controversial Modern Warfare 2 ‘No Russian’ stage which sparked live debates on TV chat shows.

Modern Warfare 3 is due out in November 2011.