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Naughty Dog Devs Who Worked On The Last Of Us Online Celebrate Their Time On The Cancelled Game

A number of Naughty Dog developers who worked on the cancelled The Last of Us Online game have taken to social media to celebrate their work on the game, with one person hailing it as “the highlight of my career.”

The Last of Us Online was in development for around four years before Naughty Dog pulled the plug on the ambitious multiplayer game, stating it was faced with the decision to become a live service studio or continue focussing on single-player games. In the end, it opted to scrap the game, which it said would have consumed too many development resources.

Nathaniel Ferguson, who worked on the game as a technical designer, said The Last of Us Online has “absolutely been the highlight of my carer, and will always be a very special project for me. A sad day, but very bright horizons ahead for sure.

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Meanwhile, Karl Morley, a game designer on the project, said that he “had more fun playing this game than any other [multiplayer] game before or since.”

Dialogue director Kat McNally added: “It’s never easy to have a game canceled, but I’m so proud of my studio and everything we accomplished on this project, big shoutout to my combat QA and dialogue teams.”

Leaker Tom Henderson suggested that Naughty Dog would have had to sell around 250,000 battle passes per quarter to cover costs on the project, given that the studio required its entire team to work on the game.

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