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Naughty Dog Looks Ahead At The “Big Year To Come” As The Last Of Us Franchise Tops 37 Million Copies Sold

Naughty Dog hasn’t been the most active studio in the PlayStation Studios family as of late. Sure, last year we got The Last Of Us Part I on PS5 and are due to get it on PC in a few months, and before that we saw Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection release on both PS5 and PC.

But in 2022 it was Sony Santa Monica, Guerilla and Polyphony at the wheel, all with new franchise entries. Though 2023 could be the year that Naughty Dog gets in the drivers seat.

In a blog post from the studio head Neil Druckmann, he speaks about “a big year to come,” not only for Naughty Dog but specifically for The Last Of Us.

He also mentions that the franchise has now altogether sold more than 37 million copies between the two mainline games and all the remasters/remakes in between as of December 2022.

An extremely impressive feat, that couldn’t be timed better considering The Last Of Us will also hit its 10 year anniversary in June 2023.

Druckmann is careful to not hint too directly at whatever unknowns for the franchise might have a public reveal on the horizon, but he does share a new piece of concept art for Naughty Dog’s hotly anticipated multiplayer title.

Hopefully this is the year we finally see more than concept art, and maybe even a release date for it from Naughty Dog. Maybe it’s even out by the end of the year.

That would certainly help put the studio back in the spotlight among the PlayStation Studios family, at least when it comes to games.

For now, Naughty Dog will be the center of attention regarding all the upcoming film and tv adaptations PlayStation Productions has in the works.

At time of writing, HBO’s The Last Of Us is about a week and a half away from launching. It’ll be the second major project from PlayStation Productions see the light of day, and hopefully it shows more potential than the Uncharted film did.

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