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New Blood Supports Closed Studios With SGF Billboard: ‘We Love You, We Miss You, We Hate Money’

New Blood Interactive has paid tribute to the various game studios that have closed over the past year or so on an electronic billboard in downtown Los Angeles ahead of Summer Game Fest tonight.

The billboard was spotted by Stephen Totilo, who posted an image of it on his X account, confirming it initially reads “gone but not forgotten” before listing the following studios:

  • Arkane Austin (2006-2024)
  • Roll7 (2008-2024)
  • Tango Gameworks (2010-2024)
  • Volition Inc (1993-2023)
  • London Studio (2002-2024)

A message below mentions everyone else who has been “laid off, downsized, and ‘made redundant,’ adding, “Thank you for great games, from your friends at New Blood.” The billboard then switches to another message that reads “we love you, we miss you, we hate money.”

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The games industry has suffered thousands of layoffs since last year, with Microsoft recently announcing the closure of Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin, which received heavy criticism online. Sony’s London Studio soon followed, and was in the process of developing its first PS5 game prior to its closure.

[Source – Stephen Totilo on X]