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New God of War on PS4 will probably run at 30fps

The new God of War title for PlayStation 4 will likely run at 30fps, according to Rob Davis, Lead Level Designer for SIE Santa Monica Studio.

Speaking during an interview with God is a Geek, Davis revealed that the footage showcased during E3 2016 was running at 30fps, and this is very likely what the studio will be aiming for with the full release.

We’re not 100% sure what frame rate we are aiming at for launch, running at 30 for this demo and I think that is what we will target for the full game,” he said.

God of War sees Kratos returning in stunning new PS4 action-adventure game

God of War will once again feature series protagonist Kratos, and will take place many years following the conclusion to God of War III. Unlike previous games, God of War will be based on Norse mythology. 

While not strictly an open-world title, the new God of War will feature plenty of exploration opportunities for players, and won’t feature any loading times. In addition, Kratos’ latest bloodbath will also implement a full-scale RPG system and crafting options.

The demo showcased during Sony’s E3 2016 press event depicted Kratos and his son embarking on a hunting mission in a forest blanketed by snow. It’s not long before the duo are ambushed by bloodthirsty critters however, resulting in ‘ol baldy locks unleashing Spartan rage upon his foes. 

God of War has yet to attract a release date.