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New Report Claims Xbox Live Sees More Outages Than PSN But Steam Is Worse Than Them Both

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A new report has claimed that when it comes to outages, PSN is potentially more stable than Xbox Live, but the players really hurting are those on PC playing on Steam, since it reportedly suffered more averages than either of the console online platforms.

The news comes from website ToolTester, who tested for the top websites in the U.S in terms of outages, with Steam placing second on the list, Xbox Live at number six and PSN at number 9. Now, it’s definitely not good that they all made the top 10, but at least we can say it could be worse. In the UK, the ranking stays the same with Steam being worse than both Xbox Live and PSN, but Steam drops to number 4, while Xbox Live drops to number 7 and PSN remains at 9.

It should be noted the test only counted for the past 12 months, and was based on the number of times the websites were reported as down from multiple users over the last year. Still, it’s interesting and comforting to see that when we’re having issues playing online, its almost always either our own internet connection or the game’s servers. Sony’s infamous three month PSN outage still remains in the back of many gamers minds, so seeing PSN be more stable now is a comfort.

Source – [ToolTester]