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Overwatch 2.42 Update Lands As Sony Responds to Pink Mercy Skin Accusations

overwatch update 2.4.2

Overwatch 2.42 update has been deployed. The 180mb patch hasn't been accompanied by any patch notes from Blizzard, so we presume it's just to fix a few bugs.

There's also no acknowledgement of the Overwatch 2.42 update on the developer social media channels or the Overwatch website.

Blizzard recently released a charity skin called Pink Mercy, which is available for a limited time. Proceeds from sales of the Overwatch Pink Mercy skin are being sent to the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCFR), with Blizzard promising to donate a minimum of $250,000 and 100% of all proceeds.

In fact, it's caused a bit of controversy this week. Sony listed the Skin on the PlayStation Store, and the donation was listed as less than the price that Blizzard said would be donated for each item. While Blizzard listed £12.99 in their official press release, Sony stated the donation would be £10.12 on the UK Store.

Sony has responded saying: “We are not making any profit from the Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin.” So, there you go. Why they listed the donation as smaller, and still haven’t amended it is a mystery.

If you do find out what the Overwatch 2.42 update has actually done, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Eurogamer