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Paranormal Activity: Found Footage Is A New Paranormal Activity Game Coming In 2026

Paranormal Activity: Found Footage is a brand new video game set within the world of the Paranormal Activity franchise.

It’ll be a found-footage horror game, and is being developed by Brian Clarke of DarkStone Digital, the team behind The Mortuary Assistant in collaboration with Paramount Game Studios.

DreadXP will also be publishing the new title, and it’s set to be launched sometime in 2026 on multiple platforms, though no specific platforms have been identified.

The new game was announced with a short teaser trailer which you can check out below.

“The success of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise epitomizes the power and reach of the horror genre,” said Brian Clarke, who’ll work as creative director on the project.

“If you thought ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ was scary, we’re taking what we learned during the development of that title and cranking it up with a more reactive and horrifying haunting system. It’s going to be intense!”

Source – [Variety]