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PlayStation Is Planning Its Own 3-Tiered Subscription Service

A new report from website Bloomberg says that PlayStation just might have a plan for preserving their history after all. According to the new report Sony is planning to introduce a 3-tiered subscription service, currently codenamed Spartacus, which gives players access to a catalogue of modern and classic games.

One of the tiers, likely the highest one, will grant you access to games all the way back from the PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP games – to now. It’s a service that will be available for both PS5 and PS4 owners, and is also allegedly the final form of PS Plus and PS Now.

The report suggests that when the service is announced this coming Spring, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be combined under whatever Spartacus is really called, which is where the differently tiered levels will come in.

What’s interesting though is that it may still be called PlayStation Plus in some form, as the report also says documents which were reviewed by Bloomberg suggest PlayStation will be phasing out the PlayStation Now branding, while keeping PlayStation Plus.

All of this is, quite a lot to take in. If this is Sony’s plan to preserve their classic exclusive titles and more seminal games from their history, then hopefully they’ve learned from past mistakes.

PlayStation Now has always struggled to find its footing and even to this day is still not totally understood by much of the community. Not to mention the inability to download PS3 games, the sheer lack of classic titles, – with even PlayStation exclusive games missing – and the poor streaming quality players still experience.

If this new service will look anything like that, then it’s not a real solution. It’s exciting at least to know that Sony seems to have a plan, but whether or not they execute it well is another story.

Source – [Bloomberg]