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PlayStation Is Removing Thousands Of Hours Of Discovery TV Shows From The Platform, Even If You’ve Paid For Them

PlayStation players who’ve purchased episodes or seasons of shows available through Discovery TV will have those shows removed from their libraries, due to a licensing agreement coming to an end.

Emails were sent out to players to make them aware that any of the Discovery shows purchased from the PlayStation Store would be removed from their libraries “due to our content licensing arrangements with content providers.”

Thousands of hours of shows and more than a thousand seasons across multiple shows will be removed from the platform as of December 31, 2023.

PlayStation published a list of what will be removed specifically, going through each show season by season. PlayStation also thanked players for their “continued support” to end off its message warning players the things they’ve bought will no longer be accessible to them.

There’s also no alternative given to players as to how they might retain the things they’ve purchased.

Of course it’s understandable that PlayStation wouldn’t want to keep paying licensing fees for everything available on the PlayStation Store, especially if it’s content that isn’t really being bought and consumed by very many players at all.

However this is another example of how fleeting ownership is in an age of everything being purchased and ‘owned’ digitally.

Source – [PlayStation via VGC]